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Seyfert Galaxy Kinematics and Physical Properties

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CHANDRA Spectrum of NGC3783

Another focus of PEGA is the study of mass outflow in AGN, led by Dr. Crenshaw Observations with HST and the Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO) show blueshifted absorption lines that reveal the presence of massive outflows of ionized gas. The importance of these outflows has only recently been realized; detailed studies have found that the inferred mass loss rates are comparable to the mass accretion rates. Our analyses of the UV and X-ray spectra have provided constraints on their kinematics, physical conditions, and locations relative to the central continuum source. Our ultimate goal is to constrain the dynamical models of outflow, which make use of thermal winds, radiation pressure, and/or hydromagnetic acceleration. We have also begun to study outflow in the narrow emission-line region, which extends out to about one kpc from the nucleus, and possible infall in the form of dusty gas detected in HST images of the host galaxies.

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