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The Program in Extra-Galactic Astronomy

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The Program in Extragalactic Astronomy (PEGA) at Georgia State University concentrates upon the astrophysics of active galactic nuclei (AGN). Observational efforts are led by Dick Miller (ground-based photometry and space-based high-energy observations) and Mike Crenshaw (ground- and space-based spectroscopy), while Paul Wiita concentrates on theoretical models. See links below for more information.

The PEGA Team

The Faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students busy studying AGNs.


Overview of the current observational and theoretical AGN research activities.


Resources: E.g. finding charts, databases, journals and various useful links.


Links to online publication databases. Please see individual pages of team members for links to their publications.

Ground-based and Space-based Observatories

Overview on the ground-based facilities and the space-based instruments used to study AGN over the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Contact Information

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