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The PEGA Team

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Principle Investigators

Dick Miller
  • Observational Efforts: Optical and X-ray variability of AGN
Paul Wiita
  • Theoretical Models: Theoretical studies of accretion disks and radio jets
Mike Crenshaw
  • Kinematics of Seyfert Galaxies.

Research Associates - Postdocs

Kevin Marshall
  • Active Galactic Nuclei, X-ray Astronomy
Angela Osterman
  • AGN, FR-II Galaxy Simulations, Blazar Microvariability

Graduate Students

Eunwoo Choi
  • Numerical Hydrodynamics of Relativistic Extragalactic Jets
Rajesh Deo
  • Spitzer InfraRed Spectroscopy of Active Galactic Nuclei: Dust tori and Unification Models
  • Imaging Studies of Seyfert Host Galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope: Nuclear Spirals
Jay Dunn
  • AGN Surveys
Wes Ryle
  • AGN Variability

Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Alvin Das
  • Kinematics and Radial Velocity Mapping of NLR in Seyferts
Paramita Barai
  • Evolution and Cosmological Influence of Radio Galaxies
John McFarland
  • Rest-frame Variability Characteristics of Blazars
  • Instrumentation
Amy Williams
  • Statistical Analysis of AGN Variability
John Noble
  • Optical Microvariability of Blazars
Mihnwan Jang
  • Optical Microvariability of RQQSOs and RLQSOs
  • Instrumentation
Jagbir Hooda
  • Radio Jet Stability
Elizabeth Ferrara
  • Microvariability of Narrow Lined Seyfert 1 Galaxies
  • Properties of High Redshift Blazars
  • Blazar Statistics

Recent M.S. Graduate

Zhongxiang Wang
  • Extragalactic Radio Jet Simulation
Ying Xiong
  • ???

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