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GSU’s press release on the invitation of myself and Rafal Angryk to the White House for a meeting on Space Weather on October 29.

Interview with Atlanta’s WSB-TV on the possible dangers from large solar flares. In the late spring I had the wonderful experience of two weeks of living as a guest in a Buddhis monastery in India, teaching Physics & Astronomy to Tibetan monks, as part of the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative.

TEDx talk for the GSU student body on“Change through Immigration and Interracial Adoption”, April 7 2015. This talk was part of a GSU TEDx series on “Keep the Change”.


Interview with CNN on the dangers from an upcoming major solar Coronal Mass Ejection GSU press release on my team winning a $ 1.2 M NASA Grand Challenge grant for developing a prototype system for predicting the solar cycle.

And another GSU press release on Prof. rafal Angryk from GSU Computer Science and myself winning a $ 1.5 M NSF grant for “Big Data” research in solar astronomy.

My graduate student Ricky Egeland won the prestigious 2014 Newkirk Fellowship at the High Altitude Observatory. His HAO co-advisor there will be Dr. Phil Judge. 

MSU has a press release  regarding my work and that of my graduate student Ricky Egeland for SCOSTEP, the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics , an interdisciplinary body of the International Council for Sciences. The Bozeman Chronicle did an article  on the same.


My graduate student Ricky Egeland was selected to participate in the Graduate Visitor Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research High Altitude Observatory. He will spend the fall of 2014 there working with Dr.Phil Judge .

Interview on Feature Finding in Solar Imagery , August issue of International Innovation The following paper was elected the “Editor’s Choice” in the International Journal of Computer  Applications:“ImageFARMER: Introducing a Data Mining Framework for the Creation of Large-scale Content-based Image Retrieval Systems”(Editor’s Choice) , J.M. Banda, R. A. Angryk, P.C.H. Martens, International Journal of Computer Applications , 79(13), 8-13.

“The Problem with Coronal Loops.” My former graduate student Henry Winter’s research — jointly with myself — was featured at a Press Conference during the annual meeting of the AAS Solar Physics Division in Bozeman MT, in July 2013.


I was a panel member in the first AAS press conference,“What’s New Under the Sun” at the 220th AAS meeting in Anchorage, AK, in June 2012. The2012 Karen Harvey award  has been won by my friend and close collaborator Dibyendu Nandi, “for a significant contribution to the study of the Sun early in a person’s professional career”. Nandi delivered his prize lecture at the AAS/SPD meeting in Anchorage Alaska, June 2012.

My graduate student Ernest Amouzou  won a 2012Solar Division Studentship Award to participate in the joint AAS/SPD meeting in Achorage, June 2012.

“The Solar Return”, radio interview on solar feature recognition, global warming, and the end of the Maya calendar.


“AI to predict Sun’s next attack on earth”, interview in the New Scientist.

The 2011 AGU F. L. Scarf award goes to my former graduate student Andres Munoz-Jaramillo. The award is given”annually to a recent Ph.D. recipient for outstanding dissertation research that contributes directly to solar planetary sciences”.

“MSU graduate in solar physics wins presidential award”. My former graduate student Jonathan Cirtain (PhD 2005) winsthe Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Here is the White House press release.

“Researchers Crack the Mystery of the Spotless Sun”, a NASA press conference on the occasion of a paper in Nature, where Nandy, Munoz, and myself provide a plausible explanation for the recent very long and very deep solar minimum, with an absence of Sunspots of nearly two years, something that has not happened since 1913. The NASA press conference led to an amazing media response internationally, such as this one , and MSU topped it off with its own press release.

MSU graduate receives fellowship to continue studying sun. My former graduate student Andres Munoz-Jaramillo wins one of only three annual NASA Jack Eddy postdoctoral awards to continue his research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


“Solar Physics Program Shines”, a comprehensive article about the MSU Solar Physics group in “Mountains & Minds”.

“The Solar Dynamo: Plasma Flows”. Movie of the simulations by my graduate student Andres Munoz-Jaramillo of plasma flows inside the Sun that drive the evolutions of the solar magnetic field.

“Free concert to coincide with international solar meeting at MSU”, recording of the space imagery inspired concert, organized and directed by my friend Erik Funkand myself. 

“MSU scientists excited by best-ever views of the sun”, Bozeman Chronicle, April 22, 2010.

“MSU helped design solar telescopes launched Feb. 11”, about the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory.