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* = Graduate Student, $ = Postdoc, # = Undergraduate or REU student

“Hemispheric Patterns in Filament Chirality and Sigmoid Shape over the Solar
(Invited Review)

      Petrus C. Martens, Anthony R. Yeates, and Karthik G. Pillai* 2014,


      Proceedings of IAU Symposion 300, 122-125,


      “Nature of solar prominences and their role


      in Space Weather”, Paris, France, June 10-14, 2013,


      B. Schmieder,


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“Use of a Time Delay Dynamo Model to Obtain Solar-like Sunspot Cycles”



      E. Amouzou*, D. Nandy, A. Munoz-Jaramillo$, P. Martens 2014,


      Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, November


      2012, Pune, India

Bull. Astron. Soc. India

      , in press.

“A Comparative Evaluation of Automated Solar Filament Detection”



      M.A. Schuh*, J.M. Banda$, P.N. Bernasconi, R.A. Angryk, P.C.H. Martens 2014,

Solar Phys.

    , in press.

“Characterizing Emission From Simulated Coronal Loops Of Non-Constant



      Henry D. Winter, Chester Curme#, Katharine K. Reeves, and Petrus Martens




    , submitted.

“ImageFARMER: Introducing a Data Mining Framework for the Creation of
Large-scale Content-based
Image Retrieval Systems”



      J.M. Banda#, R. A. Angryk, P.C.H. Martens 2103,

International Journal of
Computer Applications

    , 79(13), 8-13.

“Helioseismic Perspective of the Solar Dynamo”
(Invited Review)



      Andres Munoz-Jaramillo$, Petrus C.H. Martens, Dibyendu Nandy 2013,


      in: “Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars”. Proceedings of a Workshop held 6-10


      May, 2013


      in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Edited by K. Jain, S.C. Tripathy, F. Hill, J.W.


      Leibacher, and A.A. Pevtsov.


      ASP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 478. San Francisco:


      Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013,


      pp. 271-282.

“On Dimensionality Reduction for Indexing and Retrieval of Large-scale Solar Image

      J.M. Banda*, R. A. Angryk, P.C.H. Martens 2013

Solar Phys.

    , 283, 113-141.

“Outflow and Dark Bands at Arcade-like Active Region Boundaries”,

      J.T. Scott$, P. C. H. Martens, and L. Tarr* 2013,

Astrophys. J.

    , 765: 82 (14 pp.).

“Fast Differential Emission Measure Inversion of Solar Coronal Data”,

      Joseph Plowman$, Charles Kankelborg, and Petrus Martens 2013,

Astrophys. J.

    , 771: 2 (13 pp.).

“Steps Towards Large-scale Solar Image Data Analysis to Differentiate Solar



      J.M. Banda*, R. A. Angryk, P.C.H. Martens 2013,

Solar Phys.

    , 288(1) 435-462.

“A Large-Scale Solar Image Dataset with Labeled Event Regions”



      M.A. Schuh*, R.A. Angryk, K. Ganesan Pillai, J.M. Banda$, P.C.H. Martens 2013,


      Proceedings of the 20th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing


    (ICIP-IEEE ’13), Melbourne, Australia, September 2013, pp. 4349-4353.

“Computer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory”
(Invited Paper)



      P.C.H. Martens, G.D.R. Attrill$, A.R. Davey, A. Engell#, S. Farid*, P.C. Grigis, J. Kasper,


      K. Korreck, S.H. Saar, A. Savcheva*, Y. Su$, P. Testa,


      M. Wills-Davey, P.N. Bernasconi,


      N.-E. Raouafi, V.A. Delouille, J.F. Hochedez, J.W. Cirtain, C.E. DeForest, R.A. Angryk,


      I. De Moortel,


      T. Wiegelmann, M.K. Georgoulis, R.T.J. McAteer, R.P. Timmons 2012,

Solar Phys., SDO Mission Issue

    275, 79-113.

“EUV Analysis of a Dynamic Coronal Loop Structure”

      J.T. Scott*, P. C. H. Martens, and D. McKenzie 2012,

Solar Phys.

    276, 113-131.

“Quantitative Comparison of Linear and Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction
Techniques for Solar Image Archives”,

      J. Banda$, R. Angryk, P. Martens 2012, in: Proceedings of the 25th International FLAIRS


      Conference (FLAIRS ’12),


    Marco Island, Florida, May 2012, pp. 376-381.

“All Quiet on the Solar Front: Origin and Heliospheric Consequences of the Unusual
Minimum of Solar Cycle 23”,
(Invited Paper)



      Dibyendu Nandy, Andres Munoz-Jaramillo$, Petrus C. H. Martens 2012,


      in: proceedings of the SCOSTEP Workshop on “Solar Influences on the Magnetosphere,


      Ionosphere and Atmosphere, Sun and Geosphere”,

Sun and Geosphere

    7(1), 16-21.

“DEMs for EIS and AIA”,

      Joseph Plowman$, Charles Kankelborg, Petrus Martens, Miriam Ritchie#, Jason Scott$,


      Rahul Sharma$,


      Proceedings of Hinode 5, Cambridge, October 2011,


      Leon Golub, Ineke De Moortel, and Toshifumi Shimizu (Eds.). San Francisco: Astronomical


    Society of the Pacific, 2012., pp.131-132.

“The Unusual Minimum of Sunspot Cycle 23 a Consequence of Meridional Plasma Flow Variations”,

      Dibyendu Nandy, Andres Munoz-Jaramillo*, and Petrus C. H. Martens 2011,


    , 471, 80-82.

“On the Anti-Correlation Between Spectral Line Broadening and
Intensity in Coronal Structures Observed with EIS”

      J. T. Scott*, and P. C. H. Martens 2011

Astrophys. J.

    , 742, 101-109.

“The Faint Young Sun Paradox: A Solar Origin?”
(Invited Paper)



      Petrus C Martens, Dibyendu Nandi, Andres Munoz* 2011, Space Climate Symposium 4,


    Goa, India.

“Magnetic Quenching of Turbulent Diffusivity: Reconciling
Mixing-length Theory Estimates with Kinematic Dynamo Models of the
Solar Cycle”



      Andres Munoz-Jaramillo*, Dibyendu Nandy, Petrus C. H. Martens 2011,

Astrophys. J. Letters

    727, L23-28.

“Simulating the Effects of Initial Pitch-angle Distribution on Solar Flares”



      Henry D. Winter*, Petrus Martens, Katherine K. Reeves 2011,

Astrophys. J.

      , 735, 103-116.

“On the Surprisingly Accurate Transfer of Image Parameters Between Medical And Solar



      J.M. Banda*, R.A. Angryk, P. Martens 2011, Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International


      Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-IEEE ’11),


    Brussels, Belgium, September 2011, pp. 3730-3733.

“Computer Vision for SDO: First Results and What’s Next?”
(Keynote Conference

      , P.C.H. Martens and the FFT*,#,$,


      Solar Image Processing Workshop V,


    Les Diablerets, Switzerland, September 12-16, 2010.

“Computer Vision for SDO: First Results from the SDO Feature
Finding Algorithms”
(Invited Presentation)



      Martens, Petrus C.; Attrill$, G.; Davey, A.; Engell#, A.; Farid*, S.;


      Grigis, P.; Kasper, J.; Korreck, K.; Saar, S.; Su*, Y.; Testa, P.; Wills-Davey, M.;


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      Berghoff, T.; Delouille, V.; Hochedez, J.; Mampaey, B.; Verbeek, C.;


      Cirtain, J.;


      Green, S.; Timmons, R.; Savcheva*, A.; Angryk, R.; Wiegelmann, T.;


      McAteer, R.,


    216, 308.4.

“A Double-ring Algorithm for Modeling Solar Active Regions: Unifying
Kinematic Dynamo Models and Surface Flux-transport Simulations”



      Andres Munoz-Jaramillo*, Dibyendu Nandy, Petrus C. H. Martens,


      Anthony R. Yeates$ 2010,

Astrophys. J. Letters

    , 720, L20-L25.

“Automated Feature and Event Detection with SDO AIA and HMI Data”


(Invited Presentation)

      Davey, Alisdair; Martens, P.C.H.; Attrill$, G. D. R.; Engell*, A.; Farid*, S.; Grigis, P. C.; Kasper, J.;


      Korreck, K.; Saar, S. H.; Su, Y.; Testa, P.;


      Wills-Davey, M.; Savcheva*, A.; Bernasconi, P. N.;


      Raouafi, N.-E.; Delouille, V. A.; Hochedez, J. F..; Cirtain, J. W.; Deforest, C. E.;


      Angryk, R. A.;


      de Moortel, I.; Wiegelmann, T.; Georgoulis, M. K.; McAteer, R. T. J.; Hurlburt, N.; Timmons, R.


      38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 18-15 July 2010, in Bremen, Germany,


    Symposium E, session 22, paper number E22-0020-10

“Solar Cycle Variation of Magnetic Flux Ropes in a Quasi-static Coronal
Evolution Model”



      A.R. Yeates$, J.A. Constable#, P.C.H. Martens 2010,

Solar Phys.



    263, 121-134.

“Comparison of a Global Magnetic Field Evolution Model with Observations
of Coronal Mass Ejections”



      A.R. Yeates$, G.D.R. Attrill$, D. Nandy, D.H. Mackay, P.C.H. Martens and A.A.


      van Ballegooijen 2010,

Astrophys. J.

    , 709, 1238-1248.

“Helioseismic Data Inclusion in Solar Dynamo Models”



      Andres Munoz-Jaramillo*, Dibyendu Nandy, Petrus C.H. Martens 2009,

Astrophys. J.

    698(1), 461-478 .

“The Unusual Minimum of Cycle 23: Observations and Interpretation”

(Invited Contribution)



      Petrus C. Martens, D. Nandi, and A. Munoz-Jaramillo* 2009,


    41, 861.

“Analysis of Two Coronal Loops with Combined TRACE and SoHO/CDS



      J. Scott*, P.C.H. Martens, and J.W. Cirtain 2008,

Solar Phys.

      252(2), 293-304.

“An Example-based Image Retrieval System for the TRACE Repository”



      R. Lamb*, R. Angryk, and P. Martens 2008,


      Proceedings of the 19th


      International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR ’08), Tampa, FL,


    USA, 1-4.

“Combining Hydrodynamics Modeling with Test Particle Tracking to
Improve Flare Simulations”,

      Henry (Trae) Winter*, Petrus Martens, and Jenna Rettenmayer# 2007,


      in: “The New Solar Physics with the Solar-B Mission”,


      eds. K.Shibata, S.Nagata, and T.Sakurai,


      ASP Conference Series, 2007, 369, p. 501.

Reprint in PDF format
“Active Region Loops: Temperature Measurements as a Function of Time
from Joint TRACE and SOHO-CDS Observations”,

      J.W. Cirtain*, G Del Zanna, E.E. DeLuca, H.E. Mason, P.C.H. Martens,


      and J.T. Schmelz 2007,

Astrophys. J.

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“A Time Delay Model for Solar and Stellar Dynamos”,

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Astrophys. J.

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“The TRACE Telescope Point Spread Function for the 171 Filter”,

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Solar Phys.

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“Low Order Dynamo Models”,

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Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.

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“Measurements of Flux Cancellation During Filament Formation”,

      Paul Wood# and Piet Martens 2003,

Solar Physics






“The Effect of Background Subtraction on the Temperature of EIT
Coronal Loops”



      J.T. Schmelz, J.E. Beene#, K. Nasraoni#, H.T,


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Astrophys. J.



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“Analysis of a Coronal Loop on the Limb”,

      Cirtain*, J.W., Martens, P.C.H., and Winter*, H.D. 2003,

Advances in Space Research



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      (Reprint in



“The Inadequacy of Temperature Measurements in the Solar Corona Through
Narrow-band Filter and Line Ratios”,

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ApJ Letters,


“Blind Deconvolution of the SXT PSF Core Part”,

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“Multi-Wavelength Observations of
Coronal Structure and Dynamics — Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting”,

      COSPAR Colloquia


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      (Elsevier: Dordrecht)


      (Reprint in

Gzipped Postscript


“Coronal Heating by Resonant Absorption: the Effects of Chromospheric Coupling”,

      A.J.C. Belien$, P.C.H. Martens, and R. Keppens 1999,

Astrophys. J.






“Can Streamer Blobs Prevent the Buildup of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field?”,

      M.K. van Aalst*#, P.C.H. Martens, and A.J.C. Belien$ 1999,

Astrophys. J. Letters511

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“Scientific Highlights from the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory”,

      P.C.H. Martens and K. Muglach$ 1999, in:

“Proceedings of the 2nd Solar
Polarization Workshop: Solar Polarization”,



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      (Reprint in


      , or

Gzipped PostScript)
“Wave Heating and Nonlinear Dynamics in Solar Coronal Loops”,

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“Solar Magnetic Fields and Oscillations”



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      (Reprint in


      , or

Gzipped PostScript)
“The Dynamical Influence of the Transition Region and Chromosphere on the Heating
of Coronal Loops by
Resonant Absorpion of Alfven Waves”,

      A.J.C. Belien$, P.C.H. Martens, and R. Keppens 1999, in:

“Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics in the Solar Transition Region and Corona”,

      Proceedings of the 8th SOHO Workshop, ESA SP 446, 167-172.


      (Reprint in


      , or

Gzipped Postscript)
“Energy and Momentum Deposition in Coronal Holes — Solar Coronal Hole
Simulations Compared with Interpretations of Yohkoh-SXT Observations”

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Astron. & Astrophys. 340

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